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DAFM - Program in Animation Filmmaking

Animation filmmaking is not just about designing characters and making them move. It requires a lot of planning even before you can actually begin to think about implementation. This is because every single movement expression and character has ...

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ADVFX PLUS - Advanced Program in Visual Effects

As the popularity of VFX in the entertainment industry increases every day, so does the demand for more sophisticated VFX increases and the techniques start getting more complicated. Such effects require a more professional and a more advanced a...

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VFX PLUS - Program in Visual Effects

These days movies are not just about acting and dialogue delivery according to the script. There are a lot of technicalities associated with it and the most wanted among them is the introduction of VFX. VFX helps you to create such character or ...

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DPW3D - Program in Print, Web and 3D Animation

The era of the internet is such that we cannot even imagine a service or a business without a website. No wonder that web designing is becoming so increasingly popular with the new blood. The dpw3d program in print web and 3D animation is a dedi...

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APDMD - Advanced Program in Digital Media & Design

The advanced program and design course by MAAC Gurugram is the most sought for course by our applicants. The reason behind this is MAAC Gurugram gives you job-oriented training in the digital media and design spheres related to web designing and...

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ADIDG - Advanced Program in Interactive Design & Games

shadow A course through which students like you can learn gaming design elements besides features is Advanced Program in Interactive Design & Games. You can create a new world for gaming enthusiasts to explore and experience through several tech...

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shadow When you talk about the most exciting courses in multimedia, digital filmmaking secures one of the top positions. Digital filmmaking is not just about coming up with a story and putting it into a motion picture. There is a lot of hard wor...

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one of the most prominent courses at MAAC Gurugram is Maya Pro, as it mainly covers almost all animation areas like 3D design and modeling, character animation, and digital sculpting. Maya Pro allows you to go through the nuances of rigging, VFX...

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Are you the kind of person who has a beautiful, out-of-the-box imagination? Are you looking for a channel or a way to execute it so that the others can get a glimpse of your imagination too? Well, worry not! Abstract brings to you the perfect sh...

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Three-dimensional dynamics and animation can be a really entertaining course if you are inclined towards such stuff and it also has a lot of scope in the modern-day industry. MAAC Gurgaon offers you a short-duration multimedia Max Pro course. Th...

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BROADCAST PLUS - Program in Broadcast Design

Broadcasting is one of the most important and one of the most glamorous courses offered by abstract. No matter what you prepare the real deal is about how you broadcast it. The broadcast plus program in broadcast design offered by abstract is a ...

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D3D - Program in 3D Animation Filmmaking

There was a time when animation was a tedious process that was accompanied by a lot of boredom and hard work. These days, due to technological advancements, animation has become a more versatile, easier, and more fun-filled activity. Recently, t...

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AD3DEDGE PLUS - Advanced Program in 3D Animation

One thing that attracts all of us is good animation. As we keep growing up, the level of animation may increase and actually develop into VFX but the basics of animation remain the same. So, if you're the kind of person who loves animation & you...

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Placement Tie-Ups

Several MAAC students are currently working as successful 2D/3D designers, graphic designers and motion graphic artists in reputed companies like

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