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MAAC offers career & professional training in rapidly growing areas like

DPW3D - Program in Print, Web and 3D Animation

The era of the internet is such that we cannot even imagine a service or a business without a website. No wonder that web designing is becoming so increasingly popular with the new blood. The dpw3d program in print web and 3D animation is a dedi...

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APDMD - Advanced Program in Digital Media & Design

The advanced program and design course by MAAC Gurugram is the most sought for course by our applicants. The reason behind this is MAAC Gurugram gives you job-oriented training in the digital media and design spheres related to web designing and...

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Placement Tie-Ups

Several MAAC students are currently working as successful 2D/3D designers, graphic designers and motion graphic artists in reputed companies like

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