ADVFX Plus - Advanced Program in Visual Effects

Duration - 24 Months

Skill Level - Advanced

The ADVFX Plus program offers an extensive and comprehensive understanding of both the fundamental and advanced levels of Visual Effects (VFX), equipping you with the artistic and technical skills needed to excel in the field. At MAAC, this Visual Effects course covers a wide range of subjects, starting from the basics of 3D filmmaking such as pre-production and storyboarding, all the way to advanced topics like motion graphics, digital design, and editing. .

Softwares covered

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Audition

Autodesk 3ds Max

Autodesk Mudbox

Autodesk Maya

Adobe Substance 3d Painter

Blackmagic Fusion



3D Equalizer


Real Flow



Course content





Digital Design

Layer-based compositing

Clean plate & wire removal

Motion graphics

3D Design

Advanced particle effects

Cloth FX


Rigid body simulations

Fluid simulation

Realistic rendering techniques

Advanced compositing

Concepts of set extension & CG integration

Node-based compositing

Match moving & camera tracking

Stereoscopic conversion

Realistic digital environments

Procedural FX workflow

Project & case studies for motion graphics

Project - VFX shot with Miniature Models

Career options

Elective Specialization allows you to enhance your skills and expertise, resulting in superior outcomes and increased efficiency. ADVFX PLUS offers Elective Specializations within the course structure. You can choose to specialize in the following modules:

  • FX Artist
  • Motion Graphics Artist
  • Compositor
  • Camera Tracker
  • Match Moving Artist
  • Matte Painter
  • Clean-up Artist
  • BG Prep Artist
  • VFX Generalist
  • Stereoscopy Artist
  • Depth Artist
  • Video Editor
  • Pre-Viz Artist
  • Roto Artist
  • Paint Artist


Animation is as much a technical skill as creative, at MAAC you are taught to convert your imagination into creations using tools from basic to advanced. Hence, there is no necessary pre-requisition of drawing skills.

3D Animation is employed in movies, Tv series, Ott, E-Commerce, Ad-Films, ELearning, Games, Architecture Visualization, Medical & other Training Simulation Programs, Product Designing, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Experiences and Much More.

All courses are certificate programs by MAAC. The primary goal of MAAC courses is making you skilled and providing 100% Job Placement Assistance.

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